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Psychology Works.

Welcome! Cadeus Behavioral Health was founded by Dr. Kelly M. Champion to provide essential psychological services to children, adults and families. We will work together to understand what you are going through and what we can do to improve your quality of life.

Your Provider

Dr. Kelly M. Champion

Dr. Champion is certified as an American Board Professional Psychologist (ABPP) in clinical child and adolescent psychology with a Health Service Provider (HSP) of psychology license in Central Iowa. Recognized for demonstrated competence in the assessment and treatment of children, she uses a compassionate approach backed by research on emotions, behavior and development, as well as assessment and treatment outcomes.

Dr. Champion addresses many common problems in children and adults, including anxiety, depression, trauma, behavior issues, eating disorders, school failure and work stress. She also provides alternative custody dispute resolution and expert testimony in court on the consequences of exposure to violence.

Dr. Champion is in network with Wellmark.

Our services

Clinical assessment and treatment

  • Individual and family therapy — We will identify your assets and difficulties in thoughts, emotions and behaviors across situations and over time, then work with you to meet your goals for yourself or your family.
  • Personality and psychopathology assessments of children and adults — We will help identify the strengths you have and challenges you face in getting effective treatment. (Does not include intellectual, achievement, or developmental assessments.)

Forensic services

  • Expert witness — We will provide written affidavits for the court on child development, family relations, exposure to violence, parental alienation and parent-child estrangement.
  • Alternative resolution in contested custody disputes — We will interview parents, observe or interview children, review documents and contact other observers, then provide a written report about allegations and Iowa statutes related to custody and parenting for review by both parties and their legal representatives.
  • Court requested interviews and assessments — We will interview children who have allegedly witnessed violence, then provide written clinical assessments of psychopathology and personality based on interviews, psychological tests, document reviews and contact with other observers. (Assessments for children or teens seeking asylum in this country as unaccompanied minors are provided pro-bono.)

Psychological science continuously advances our understanding of how we grow, love and live in the world. Achieving meaningful change, peace and empowerment requires effort that can make a difference in the lives of those around you — including your own.

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